ΕΝ ΙSO 9001:2008

In Z. Mantos SA our Quality Management System is based on the ISO9001:2008 Standard in all the stages of production for the adaptation and commercialization of ambulances, specialized vehicles and the distribution and supply of medical equipment, as well as the support services for all of the above.

Our company, Z. Mantos SA provides the end customer with an ambulance that includes medical equipment or property owned by third parties and is required to implement the correct marketing and distribution practices of medical devices, under the Greek and European legislation.

European Directive for Vehicle Type Approvals 2007/46

Z. Mantos SA in cooperation with Mercedes Benz Hellas has followed the 2007/46 directive. We are the only company in Greece that has already issued a European Vehicle Type Approval, with the following features:

• EC Type Approval Certificate

• e50*2007/46*0144*00

• This specific approval pertains to the Mercedes Sprinter ambulance and is consistently up-to-date with all its extensions.

• Under the new European Directives we meet the ISO3779, 3780 and 3833 standards, concerning the identification and efficiency of new VIN numbers in every adapted vehicle. This specific number has been assigned to us by the Hellenic Organization for Standardization (ELOT SA). This number offers absolute traceability of the vehicle, the adaptation and the medical equipment mounted within.


This standard applies to ambulances and our company has certified its vehicles through the BVI and VTS certification bodies with the 2010 standard. In cooperation with Recognized Certification Bodies such as VTS and TUV Austria, we keep acquiring vehicles and types that bear this certification.

Location Control 2007/46

Z. MANTOS SA’s facilities and specialized equipment are used by the Type Approvals Technical Service of TUV AUSTRIA to control all categories of vehicles and all manufacturers, in order to issue type approvals of individual or small series production in accordance with the 2007/46 directive. This means that our company has a series of calibrated instruments such as portable truck scales, calipers, protractor range finders, radiometers etc., which are used by the certification body authorized by the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks to issue approvals in Greece. Most trials take place in our factory with specific tests under the supervision, direction and responsibility of the Certification Body.

Production Conformity Certification based on the 2007/46 directive

Our company is certified by VTS for its production conformity according to the 2007/46 directive for the European Foreign Approvals and is preparing to receive a Small range Type Approval certification by TUV Austria. This means that the company uses production routings, part design, Work Directives and complies with all the vehicle company demands for the internal adaptation of vehicles, such as the correct way of bolting on the nerves of the vehicle etc.