Special Vehicles

Mobile Medical Units

These units can include special equipment for examining patients, as well as mammography systems etc. They can include a great variety of equipment such as a medical exam bed, a cardiograph, an otoscope, suction, an oxygen bottle, a blood donation chair, centrifuge etc.

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Blood Collection or Transport Vehicles

Vehicles used to transport blood and plasma or vehicles designed to handle blood donations.

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Mobile Production Units – Monitoring – Coordination Vehicles

Civil Protection

Our company cooperates with well-known companies that produce television equipment in Greece and abroad, in order to create Mobile Production Units.

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For disabled persons

These vehicles are equipped with an electro-hydraulic ramp to facilitate people who use wheelchairs. This conversion can be carried out in all 9-seat vehicles and minibuses, always in accordance with the 2007/46 directive. A particular adjustment is required in order to complete their licensing.


School Buses

We are developing the sector of school buses and we will soon be able to offer a new vehicle line with a certification for infant and children seats according to the 2007/46 directive.