Our Company


With over 40 years of experience, Z. Mantos S.A. has proven its worth in the field of specialized and complex constructions, covering every aspect with reliability and creativity.

We began operating in 1970 with a wide range of manufacturing projects and 1985 became a turning point, since we then decided to focus our work on specialized conversions of ambulances and mobile medical units of every kind. Decades later we have become experts in the field thanks to our know-how and hands on experience.

Combining our staff’s expertise with the integration of all the latest technological developments, our work offers contemporary and fully equipped vehicles that are designed to suit our clients’ needs. We create state-of-the-art ambulances and mobile medical units, as well as specialized vehicles, such as trailers, canteens, vehicles to aid people with disabilities, isothermal chambers for all kinds of vehicles and many other solutions.

Our company aims to constantly evolve, in order to offer complete solutions and create contemporary vehicles that exceed expectations, with a main focus on our clients’ specialized needs.