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Our company provides you with a large variety of options with its vehicles, so that we can cover all your needs. The vehicles we are able to create into type B ambulances, in accordance with the principles of EN1789, are the following:

  • Fiat Ducato
  • Peugeot Boxer
  • VWT5
  • Ford Transit

Technical Features

  1. Ability to boot ignition from the auxiliary battery
  2. A special electric start system
  3. LED front bar with speaker
  4. Rear lightbar or LED beacons
  5. Front riser LED
  6. Interior LED lighting
  7. Working and trauma lighting
  8. Blood serum hangers
  9. Main stretcher, spare foldable stretcher, scoop stretcher & rescue spinal board
  10. Head immobilization splint, three bottles
  11. Stable and portable suction, automatic defibrillator
  12. AMBU
  13. Vacuum matress, oximeter
  14. Collar splints
  15. First aid kit, supply bag
  16. Patient wheelchair, portable oxygen bottle

There is an upgrade option that includes a ventilator and a regular defibrillator.

It can have metal (in 20 colours) or fiberglass furniture (in three colours).

It comes with heating, air-conditioning and ventilation.